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Download VLC Media Player 2019 2.2.4 Latest Version

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Download VLC Media Player 2019 2.2.4 Latest Version - VLC is really a free and open source cross-organize media player and structure that plays most sight and sound records nearby DVD, Audio DVD, VCD, and a grouping of spilling traditions. Properties joins clear, lively and proficient publicizing player, plays everything: Files, Disks, Webcams, Gadgets and Streams, and plays most codecs without the need of codec packs required: MPEG-2, DivX, L. 264, MKV, WebM, WMV, and likewise MP3. VLC Media Player 2 is really a critical new overhaul notwithstanding the main (huge) upgrade in light of the fact that interesting dispatch. New segments fuse more quickly translating, a fresh rendering pipepline and what's more, for Mac end customers, a shiny new customer interface. 

Download VLC Media Player 2019 2.2.4 Latest Version 

The splendidly capable VLC Media Player in like manner clutches MPEG and moreover, DivX spilling and it also can even play recordings all through the download. Truth be told, the fundamental report plan that VLC Mass media Player doesn't frequently handle is Indeo Video cut 4/5 (IV41, IV51). Despite that is not by any stretch of the imagination some sort of significant issue. Intel added to the particular Indeo arrangement sources that are in 1992 and moreover, few (assuming any) substance material sources still utilize it. With the helpfulness of "Rincewind", too. 1. 5 adjusts a couple bugs, and fundamental security issues two. 1. 5 settles a couple translating bugs, about MP3, MKV, and what's more gear unwinding about Windows. It also settles QTsound catch and sound direct demands for OS IN THIS HANDSET X. 2. 1. 5 furthermore sends with vanguard GnuTLS and libpng libraries, by virtue of security issues. 

Download VLC Media Player 2019 2.2.4 Latest Version

With speedier translating on multi-center, GPU, and adaptable fittings notwithstanding the capacity to available more affiliations, especially fit, HD and also 10bits codecs, two. 0 is a honest to goodness upgrade for VLC. New sorts of VLC Media Player 2. 1. 5 (64-bit) 2015 Download free have new render pipeline for trademark, with higher quality subtitles, and new part coordinates remembering the ultimate objective to overhaul your abilities. Starting 2013, VLC continues being downloaded more than 1. 3 billion conditions just from couple of zones on the web. 

VLC media player contains the traits of cross-stage, it is exceptionally overcome maintained Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh PC OS X, BeOS, BSD, Pants take PC and Solaris, and whatnot. In Windows, Linux and a couple arrange, VLC gives Mozilla module, make some site page with Quick Occasion and Windows Mass media records that not being used Microsoft or Macintosh association PC things can figure flawlessly in the particular Mozilla Firefox web program.

Download VLC Media Player 2.2.4 Latest Version What's new in this shape: 

Adjust crash in G.711 wav records 
Adjust mp3 crash in libmad
Adjust out-of-bound write in adpcm QT IMA codec 
Adjust overlay creation on Windows XP for DirectDraw video yield 
Upgrade gathering support for GNU/HURD 
Minor UI updates for the Qt interface on Windows, Linux, BSD 

Download VLC Media Player 2019 2.2.4 Latest Version Link

Title : VLC Media Player
File size : 29.91MB
Requirements : Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Languages : Multiple languages
License : Open Source
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